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Our house is in the First Baptist Church at 82 Third Street, Troy, New York.

You can find more information about our house and the historical significance of it here.

Below is a list of email addresses by which you may contact us:



Robert Beckwith Manson


Tyler Allen Shepherd

Recording Secretary

Aniket Mitra

Corresponding Secretary

Andrew John Volent


Graigor Hervin Pierre-Noel

Vice Presidents and Administrators

Purple Legionnaire

Dean Thanos

VP Archives

John Merz

VP Brotherhood

Matthew August

VP Community Service

Samuel Deslandes

VP Graduate Relations

Matthew D'Auria

VP Housing

Gavin Mays

VP Personal Dev.

Connor Glasier

VP Philanthropy

Thomas Buzek

VP Pledge Education

Patrick Clinton

VP Public Relations

Joseph Souto

VP Recruitment

Nicholas Johnson

VP Risk Management

Louis Navarro

VP Scholarship

Jihoo 'Brian' Park

VP Social

Cole Carpenter

VP Steward

Jonathan Robinson

VP Web

John Argentino