Graduate Brothers

Brothers! We are currently planning our grad weekend event for Fall 2023!

For information on Graduate Weekend 2023, click here. 

Please click here.  to RSVP

1848 Club

If you would like to join this esteemed bunch, please subscribe to a recurring monthly donation of $20.00. More is encouraged.

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is our preferred method for donations. This allows House Corp. to directly debit your bank account on a recurring basis. In order to set up ACH donations, please email: with "ACH: Your Name" as the subject.

If you would like to donate a larger amount ($500+), tax deductable, to the Tau Nu CHEF fund, please visit the Phi Gamma Delta donation page. Make sure to select "Other (Restricted, CHEF, or Chapter Funds)" under Designation and put Tau Nu Chapter CHEF or RPI CHEF in the Other field.

We are also accepting PayPal, but since they charge a larger fee we prefer that you use ACH transfers to donate. Use the drop down box to set PayPal donations.  

House Corp Recurring Payment Options


Thanks to those who have pledged or already set up their recurring donations! 

Aaron Sedlacek
Alex Bluhm
Alex Leininger
Allan Demarest
Amar Patel
Ben Freidin
Ben Pearce
Bill Brand
Blake Lingenau
Bradley Schwartz
Brendan Cazier
Brian Parker
Brian Soeder
Bruce Bristol
Dan Barnaba
Dan Raiche
David Glynn
David Vanderzee
Dean Tucker
Drew McGowen
Dylan Lingenau
Eric Lopez
Eric Steed
Evan MacGregor
George Norman
Graigor Pierre-Noel
Jamil Syed
Javier Camino
Jeffrey Gomes
Jim Field
John Manecke
John Morhous
Jonathan Couch
Keith Downes
Kyle Barden
Matt Cook
Matt Hartley
Michael DiBuduo
Mike Keats
Mike Tricanowicz
MikeBob Schrider
Patrick Hesselbach
Patrick Lupiani
Paul Bello
Paul Brower
Paul Meixner
Paul Testa
Pete Hildreth
Sam Davis
Sam Owens
Sean Bennett
Shane McCauliffe
Sridhar Family
Steve Nettnin
Terry Nolan
Tim Cole
Tim Tse
Tom Shoemaker
Tyler Gumina
Zach Strudler
Zach Vanderzee
Zachary Shute