Suspension and Financial Situation


The Tau Nu Chapter has been suspended and must vacate the property at the end of the current spring semester and may return at the start of Fall 2020 (A full school year vacant). BCA previously communicated additional details about the suspension. Additionally, the number of undergraduate brothers will be significantly reduced when the chapter is reinstated, as current juniors and seniors will have graduated.

Financial Situation and Fundraising

We began an Emergency Fund when we began operation of the chapter House in Fall 2014. The intent was to be able to pay 1 year of operating costs. In the current fiscal year we had achieved full funding of the emergency fund, and it currently holds $136,000.

We currently have 65 people subscribed to monthly recurring donations in the form of ACH or PayPal amounting to $24,000 annually. We also average $10,000 annually in one-time donations. These are fantastic results, but given the current situation we need to encourage everyone to continue participation and for those sitting on the sidelines to begin participating.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by the start of fall 2020. We strongly encourage participation in our monthly recurring donations. For the cost of one beer (or coffee) a week you can contribute to a steady cash flow that will be critical in getting through the suspension and rising out of its ashes. The preferred method is via ACH, which involves monthly debits directly from bank accounts. Fees are low, and this has worked exceptionally well.

Days to Go
New Donors
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