Suspension and Financial Situation


We hope that everyone had a great 2019 and your 2020 is off to a wonderful start. As many are already aware, towards the end of 2018, the chapter was put on emergency suspension after an alcohol incident involving an off-campus event. The suspension was initially to last until January 2021, but after an appeal process, we are now eligible to be reinstated for Fall 2020. Currently, our chapter house is vacant under the terms of the suspension. Despite this, the leadership of Tau Nu including the House Corporation (House Corp), Board of Chapter Advisors (BCA), Purple Legionnaire (PL), and the Undergraduate Cabinet (Cabinet) have worked tirelessly this past year to ensure an optimal start to 2020, and we have considerable progress to report. We have been cooperating directly with Rensselaer and the Dean of Students Office (DSO) in order to keep a positive relationship with the institute. The DSO is looking for a cultural change regarding alcohol, and Tau Nu has responded with a comprehensive remediation plan which among other actions, includes one to two trainings per month throughout the 2019/2020 academic year. The results have been very encouraging. Attitudes are changing and the chapter currently enjoys a very positive relationship with the Dean of Students, Travis Apgar. At our last meeting with Dean Apgar he indicated to, "Not get our hopes up," but he is exploring ending our suspension early so that undergraduates can live in the house over the summer. A very positive sign indeed. While summer would be nice, it makes it clear we are on track to be reinstated in time for Fall. As part of the chapters goal to strive towards positive change and meet the terms of reinstatement, the chapter will be coming back with a new live-in adviser, Pranav Shrestha. Pranav is an RPI graduate student with fraternity and RA experience at Union College. While hired by the House Corporation, he has been vetted and approved by the PL and undergraduate leadership. With no pledges for two years, Fall 2018 - Spring 2020, membership numbers have taken a hit, but numbers are not as bad as originally feared. We will have around 9 returning brothers in Fall 2020, and 15 of the biddies from Fall 2018 still want to pledge as juniors and seniors. International Headquarters (IHQ) will be treating Tau Nu as a recolonization effort and will be deploying multiple IHQ staff to the Rensselaer campus Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. With the full support of Tau Nu undergraduates, graduates, and IHQ we are optimistic that we can quickly increase the number of undergraduate members to a healthy level once again Offsetting some of the financial losses of a vacant fraternity house this year and low numbers next year, the House Corporation has launched a fundraising effort to bring in new donations totaling $50,000 by Fall of 2021. We are off to a great start with $20,000 raised so far. You can learn more about fundraising at We would like to extend gratitude to all the new and existing donors! Additionally, the chapter had a fantastic Fall 2019 Pig Dinner weekend in Boston. Special thanks to Nate Greene for planning the event. Attendance was as strong as ever and we enjoyed a wide range of activities around the city. We are currently planning a Pig Dinner in Fall 2020 at the chapter house! Thanks to all the graduates and undergraduates who worked extremely hard to make 2019 a great year despite the temporary suspension. The time, the effort, and the financial donations all are extremely important in meeting our short- and long-term goals. We hope the 2020 will be a year of growth and persistent positive change, and we are optimistic about the direction we are heading.

Financial Situation and Fundraising

We began an Emergency Fund when we began operation of the chapter House in Fall 2014. The intent was to be able to pay 1 year of operating costs. In the current fiscal year we had achieved full funding of the emergency fund, and it currently holds $136,000.

We currently have 65 people subscribed to monthly recurring donations in the form of ACH or PayPal amounting to $24,000 annually. We also average $10,000 annually in one-time donations. These are fantastic results, but given the current situation we need to encourage everyone to continue participation and for those sitting on the sidelines to begin participating.

Our goal is to raise $50,000 by the start of fall 2020. We strongly encourage participation in our monthly recurring donations. For the cost of one beer (or coffee) a week you can contribute to a steady cash flow that will be critical in getting through the suspension and rising out of its ashes. The preferred method is via ACH, which involves monthly debits directly from bank accounts. Fees are low, and this has worked exceptionally well.

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