About Us

The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, also known as FIJI or Phi Gam, has 151 chapters and 14 colonies at the foremost colleges and universities of the United States and Canada.

The Tau Nu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta, located at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in Troy, NY, was founded in 1984. Originally the local fraternity of Alpha Beta Gamma, Phi Gamma Delta was chosen because it met the same goals and expectations. Over its rich history, the chapter has been exceedingly successful in the arts of life, by contributing both socially and academically to its University. Through challenges and hardships, the Chapter continues to flourish in our new chapter home.

Mission and Values

The Tau Nu chapter of Phi Gamma Delta fosters a strong culture of academic excellence, community involvement, and personal development. Our mission is to build courageous leaders who are hardworking, passionate, and personable. We accomplish this through leadership development, community service, and scholarship support. Members have the opportunity for leadership positions and training that emulates a professional environment.

Alcohol Education

Phi Gamma Delta's comprehensive alcohol program addresses alcohol issues from three angles: the chapter house environment, risk management of chapter events, and educating the individual brother on the effects of alcohol. The primary purpose of the program is to give brothers and chapters the information and knowledge they need to make good decisions about the use of alcohol. Furthering these goals, our brothers have participated in the national TIPS training.

Our Greek Letters

Members of Phi Gamma Delta hold our Greek letters in reverence. Therefore, we limit their display to a select number of places, such as the front of the chapter house, the fraternity flag, class rings, and the member badge. When our Fraternity is named in campus or inter-fraternity publications, we prefer the full spelling of Phi Gamma Delta or the nickname FIJI rather than the use of the Greek letters.


Both the international Phi Gamma Delta and our chapter have have rich histories, cultures, and traditions. We keep an occasional graduate brother publication, the Tau News. You may read more about it on our Tau News page.